At night, in the middle of a horrible winter, your feet are freezing, and nothing is getting them warm. Not those woolen muffs, or the thick fleecy ones, or even the heater that you have just brought up several degrees. You need something that will give you more warmth than that.

Man is always inventing something new and, in this case, it is a warming device, a footmuff. It combines a massaging device and a heating device. It works with electric power and comes with a cord. Thus, you have:

· A device that looks like a huge, fluffy, thick-based open shoe.

· It provides heat therapy as well as warming your feet.

· While heating your feet, it also massages them and takes the pain in your stressed feet away.

· The footmuffs also boost circulation.

· Luxurious plush lining and a velvet exterior.

· Heating shuts off automatically after 30 min.

· It is insulated.

This is a soothing foot muffler and is designed exclusively to rejuvenate tired feet. Different massage techniques are implemented and can be adjusted manually. Vibrations give gentle massage and relax tired feet all while your feet are warming up. It is electrically charged so, you have to plug it in while you relax.


There are different modes of vibrations either constant - and this varies in intensity - or intermittent vibrations. In both cases, they soothe tired muscles.

How to use

You can either use heat alone or vibration alone or both together. There are more than one setting for heat and more than one setting for vibrations. Heat and vibration can be used exclusively or together.

In all cases, it is a practical device and great for those tired feet. All you have to do is put the cord in the electricity, tuck in your feet and relax for the evening.